Mrs. Lori MacPherson

Lori MacPherson is a 1987 graduate from Keene State College.  She graduated with a double-major in both general special education grades K-12 and elementary education.  Over the years she has become highly qualified in English language arts and certified in the area of IDD.

Lori began her career as a tutor in Marblehead, MA, and then became a teacher of students with behavior disorders in Beverly, MA.  When Lori moved to NH where she spent 4 years working at Spaulding Youth Center as the classroom coordinator in the Neural Behavioral and Autism Unit.  In 1996, Lori was hired by SAU 23 as an inclusion facilitator.  In 1997, she was asked to work at Woodsville High School as a special educator.
Lori enjoys going to concerts, singing, and learning to play her guitar.  She enjoys reading, spending time with her husband, and their 2 cats, friends, and family.  She is interested in social justice and in supporting students find their own passion and path in life