Mr. Scott Edwards

Me with an 11″ Brook Trout on an un-named river in northern Labrador

I am a military brat, son of a naval aviator so I grew up moving all over the United States.  I have two sisters one younger, one older which makes me the middle child. I went to college in upstate NY at Paul Smiths College where I received a degree in Forestry.  After graduating I went to work in the lumber business. Working my way up through the ranks with several companies I ended my lumber career in 1999 as an executive for Davidson Industries Quebec, a subsidiary of the Tembec Corporation.  After a short stint as an industry consultant I was asked to be an emergency sub here at the high school as the tech ed teacher at the time left abruptly. After several months, the end of the school year, I was asked by the principal at the time, Bruce Labs if I would consider it as a career.  I agreed in a heartbeat and have been teaching ever since.

Currently I live with my wife in Orange, VT.  We have a nice comfortable home with a large piece of property both open and wooded that we love to work on.  We have 4 children (2 daughters/2 sons), all grown and out on their own, and 3 granddaughters. Aside from working on our home/property we love to hike and canoe around New England as well as spend time on the ocean.  We love to go out to eat and are always in search of the best maple crème in New England.