Woodsville High School’s National Honor Society 2020 Induction

At 7:00pm on Wednesday October 14th in the John A. Bagonzi Building, a total of 11 new members were inducted into the Woodsville High School National Honor Society. The new members included 3 new seniors and 8 juniors. The induction ceremony was opened by a piano accompaniment done by our NHS secretary Olivia Sarkis. President Emily Prest opened the ceremony with her opening remarks, followed by 4 other members presenting speeches on The Four Virtues: Scholarship, Character, Leadership and Service. The new members were then called up one by one for the lighting of the candles, after the evaluation process was discussed. The members were then inducted through recital of the NHS Pledge, and closing remarks were given by our Vice President Nye Adamkowski. Homemade cupcakes for families of the inductees and members of the NHS were kindly donated by Mrs Mclure.