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All food purchased from the Food Service Program will be paid for at the time of purchase, either in cash, or by deduction from a prepaid account. Credit will not be extended. Advance payments should be made by check or by using the district’s online pre-payment system.

At the elementary and middle school level; in the event a student forgets or misplaces their money for their lunch, a meal will be provided to them and be charged to their account. If their lunch bill has gone unpaid for more than five (5) days, the information will be referred to the building administrator and a phone call will be made to their home. Letters will be sent home with account information as necessary. Delinquent account information will be referred to the Superintendent’s Office.

If by the end of the school year there is a negative balance on a student account the parent will have until June 30th in which to bring the account up to date or face possible legal action. SAU #23 reserves the right to pursue legal action on any unpaid balances.

At no time will students be allowed to charge any snack or Ala Carte items.

At the high school level there will be no charging allowed by students.

At no time will staff be allowed to charge.


  • Haverhill Cooperative School Board, March 19, 2009

Revised November 9, 2009 Revised September 10, 2012 Revised May 11, 2015

Chris May
Food Service Director
747-2781 ext. 148


or visit our provider online The Abbey Group ( www.abbeygroup.net)
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