WHS Attendance Procedures

Woodsville High School Attendance Procedures

Attendance procedures (HCSD Policy JH-R) have changed this year (2017-2018). The purpose of this change was to be better able to track the impact that a student’s absences might have on their success in any given class.

Basically, a student is allowed no more than 10 absences in a one-credit class and 5 absences in a half-credit class. Once a student hits a certain threshold, attendance letters are sent home to be sure that parent/guardians are fully aware.

The first type of attendance letter deals with unexcused absences. The State of NH defines “truancy” as having 10 half-days of unexcused absences and that law drives this section of the procedures. To excuse an absence, and to ensure that a parent/guardian is aware of each absence, a note from a parent/guardian (or student if over age 18) must be presented to the office within two (2) days of the student’s return to school stating a legitimate reason for excusing the specific absence(s).


  • The first letter will be sent home once a student accrues 6 half-days (3 full days) of unexcused absence.
  • When students accrue 10 half days of unexcused absences (5 full days) they will be required to have a meeting with parents and school administration and to develop a plan to address the student’s truancy.



The second type of attendance letter deals with excused absences.


  • A letter is sent home when a student accrues 8 absences in a one-credit class or 3 absences in a half-credit class.



Other Criteria:

  • Tardiness/Cutting Class: Students are expected to be in school and their classes on time. For every 5 tardies to school or class, the student will receive one absence for that class. Each absence will be recorded against the attendance limits given above.
  • Students who are absent from Roundhouse, which is for the purpose of competency recovery, re-teaching and/or reassessment for all of a student’s classes, will be charged with .25 of an absence for each class that the student had that day, since they are unavailable for interventions when out.


Attendance Review Committee

Once a student has hit or exceeded the maximum number of absences in any of their classes, the Attendance Review Committee will meet to examine the number of absences and any impact they may be having on the student’s academic success. Absences will be restored in one of two ways.

  1. If the student is in good academic standing and the absences have not negatively impacted their learning, excused absences will be restored all or in part. These will include any absences which are excused by doctor’s notes, parent phone calls or notes, and dismissal by the school nurse. Please note that “unexcused” absences are not eligible for restoration.
  2. If the student’s academic performance has been impacted by their absences, “excused” absences will be restored with the caveat that the student spend a specified number of days (determined by the Attendance Review Committee) either working directly with their teacher or in the Homework Club to make up the missed time and get their academic performance back on track.
  3. A letter explaining the Academic Review Committee’s decision will be sent to the parent/guardian or student if over 18.


The Appeal Process

Any parent/guardian or student, who does not feel that the attendance policy has been administered fairly by the high school administration, may appeal the Principal’s ruling to the Superintendent of Schools. The parent/guardian or student should then write a formal letter stating the reason for such an appeal and present a copy to the Superintendent (or a person designated by the Superintendent). Any parent/guardian or student who is not satisfied with the Superintendent’s ruling may request a hearing, in writing, with the School Board which shall state why such a hearing may be necessary.


Again, the purpose of these procedures is to better monitor student time in the classroom and to be pro-active in helping our students succeed. It is our hope that no student ever lose partial credit for a class due to excessive absence. We are committed to assisting them to the greatest extent possible if circumstances necessitate an attendance review.