Social Distancing to Prevent Coronavirus – An intern’s blog

By: Conner Maccini

This is a public service announcement to Grafton County about social distancing to prevent yourself and others from getting the Coronavirus. Teenagers and college students are the carriers of the virus. Although it may not affect them badly it can affect a lot of other people. Schools have been shut down to social distance the students so that it won’t affect a huge population at one time. School sports have also had to come to a halt to prevent this virus from spreading through more teenagers. This includes baseball, AAU, and basketball. The problem is Kids are still playing sports together at parks Which is not helping the situation. They cancelled these events so that the virus won’t spread and playing at parks is defeating the purpose of it. This goes for any interactive sports between a group of people. We need to Quarantine inside and only leave if needed to Make sure this virus does not peak higher than our hospitals can maintain. Please I’m asking everyone to do your grandparents a favor and don’t go out and play interactive sports with your friends. There are a lot of things you can do to social distance yourself from others like mountain biking, working out at home, and going for a jog which are all on your own, away from others. Anything that involves you staying home and not out in public is what we want. If you do come in contact with someone try not to touch your face until you wash your hands or keep a little thing of hand sanitizer on you. If we can take these precautions seriously the hope is that the virus will blow by and our hospitals will be able to handle it.