SAU 23 Virtual School Board Meeting on Monday, May 11th.

SAU 23 Virtual School Board Meeting on Monday, May 11th.
See Facebook Event–>> Virtual School Board Meeting
Due to COVID-19, the board meeting will be recorded and streamed on WHS Facebook Live and members of the public will be able to post comments and ask questions during the public input part of the meeting.
* Special Note: If you can not attend this Virtual Meeting..please email any questions/ concerns to Scott Nichols at or Mrs. Melanson at so that the school board may address them live at the Virtual School Board meeting.


1. Call Meeting to Order
2. Adjustments to the Agenda
3. Approval of the Minutes of April 6, 2020
4. Public Input
5. Remote Instruction and End of Year Events
6. Facilities Update
7. Appoint Manifest Signers
8. Approve and Sign Tuition Agreements
9. Permission for SAU to Apply For and Accept Grants
9. Administrative Reports:
Laurie Melanson, Superintendent
Kathy Ducharme, Business Administrator
 General Assurances to be signed

Eric Chase, WHS Principal
Robert Phillips, HCMS Principal
James Ross, WES Principal
Jessica Piconne-Robie, Special Ed Director
Bert Vines, Facilities Maintenance Mgr.
Erik Erickson, Curriculum Director
James Marshall, Technology Director

10. Nominations/Resignations
11. Policy JCA, Change of School or Assignment – First Reading
12. Other Business
13. Public Input
14. Next Meeting Date: June 8, 2020 – 6:00 pm (place to be determined)
15. Non Public Session – RSA 91.A:3 (If Needed)
16. Adjournment