Important End-of-Year Information!


I hope that everyone is staying healthy and safe. I am writing to you to discuss some end-of-year details that everyone needs to know. Some have already been discussed, others are new.


Progress Reports were mailed yesterday. We are concerned about the impact that remote learning has had on some of our students’ performance. Some students adapted quite nicely to remote learning and continue to perform very well. Others have either had difficulty with the format or the situation, or have not had the intrinsic motivation to make the attempt. Unfortunately, some of our strongest students fit into the former category. Many schools have opted to go Pass/Fail in response. Pass/Fail unfortunately would negatively impact our highest performing students in terms of grade point average, so we have decided to keep our standards high and make the following adjustment to help those who have had difficulties with remote learning:

For the Spring Semester of 2020 ONLY, and in light of the challenges remote learning has placed on students, staff, and parents alike, we will be accepting a 2.0 (70%) as a passing grade instead of the usual 2.5. We believe that this will help those students who have been struggling and lessen the impact on the earning of credit.
It’s not too late!

New instruction for students will end on May 29th. Students who have completed all of their coursework will be done with school at that time but…..those students who have not completed their coursework will have until June 12th to do so. School will end for everyone on June 12th but we will continue to work with Seniors right up to graduation if necessary.

If a student fails a class with a 1.5 or better (instead of the usual 1.7), they will be able to recover the credit through Summer School. Plans are being made for this and it is very likely to also be done through remote instruction. Specific details will be made available to those students who are eligible once grades close.


Once the school year ends, students will be able to drop off their school books and other materials in bins in front of the school or in the foyer. Mr. Strauch is developing a schedule to allow this to happen without overcrowding. That schedule and specific instructions will be available soon. Mr. Strauch and Mr. Nichols have been going through lockers (partially to be sure that none of them contain rotting food…) and bagging up personal items for Seniors. Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors will have the same lockers next year, so they do not need to be emptied. If you do need something from your locker, send Mr. Strauch an email and he will arrange it. Remember that if you visit the school, social distancing must be observed, including wearing a mask.

· Graduation is scheduled for August 8th and it is our intention to do this in as traditional a manner as possible.

· Class/Awards Night will be held on June 13th (the original date for graduation).

I would like to thank our teaching staff, instructional assistants, secretaries, custodians, students and their parents for the cooperative spirit I have observed throughout this emergency. Everyone has been very understanding of the strain that this has created and have treated each other with patience and kindness. This speaks volumes about the Woodsville High community. It is both a personal and professional pleasure to be able to serve, and serve with, all of you.


Eric W. Chase, M.Ed, CAGS
Woodsville High School