Building something properly – An intern’s blog

By: Isaac Frost-

When you are building something you want to make sure that you have all of the parts for the project first. For instance, when building a chair you want to make sure you have all of the screws and nuts and bolts for it. If whatever you are building came with instructions it is always a good idea to at least do a quick read through of it. Even if you don’t end up following along with the instructions. You usually start with what would be the base of whatever you are building and find the pieces that are conjoining and make sure that they are tightly together with the right screws or bolts. The process of building something can be a bit of a pain but when you are done with it. It feels so much better to know that you put it together. I even got a quote from a professional carpenter named Elijiah Frost about building. “All of the parts are labeled at where I work, and it’s mortise and based so it just gets hammered into place in the little pocket. Each part that is labeled also has the conjoining pieces with it.”